Back Story

In mid-July of 2011,  I was diagnosed with a form of testicular cancer referred to as “non-seminoma”.  I was told that this particular form of cancer is slightly more aggressive than it’s relative “seminoma”.  Luckily, i was also told that it had been discovered in its ealier stages, and that it is very treatable.  So the doctors began to do what they do best and, started taking the first steps to help my recovery.  Along with removing the cancerous testicle, they also thought it best to run a few more tests to see if the cancer had done what it is typically known for- spreading or in doctor lingo “metastasized”.. Shortly after a CT scan I had received the unfortunate news that the cancer had indeed spread. It was now in both of my lungs. And to be completely honest- that was a scary day. However, with the immediate and endless support from my friends and family, I soon realized that cancer is not something to fear, but rather something to embrace, and use to benefit not only my own character, and strength but, also the strength of  those other men and boys out there who are currently, or will eventually have to fight this disease. 

And that’s where “Save The Marbles” comes into play. I’ve received support in so many different ways, that have made this “journey” easier for me to deal with. There are a lot of guys out there that need the same kind of support. Not just emotionally but, financially, mentally, and physically.  Save The Marbles’ goal is to be able to offer that support in every way we can, just as I received it in the most difficult time of my life; immediately and endlessly.

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  1. Thank you for the you tube videos & savethemarbles site! My son was diagnosised the beginning of December 2012 & we’re in the beginning phase of treatments. Hope you are doing well & we all look forward to the spring when we’re done with surgeries & cancer free!!

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